To ensure the protection of your sensitive business data myGLN requires all users to authenticate themselves. Your personal account enables Descartes to provide support and auditing on the available functions. Since many services are also available as web services myGLN uses Basic Authentication in combination with the SSL/TLS. If you access myGLN services from a well-protected desktop you can use the remember password option to reduce the burden of login.
The account will be valid for all document exchange functions and most of the network applications.


The current version of the website offers you access to the following services:

Community Management Registration of participating organizations and user accounts. Registered users can subscribe collegues and trading partners, to setup connectivity faster and remove the document exchange effort from the critical path of your project.
Self-Service Document Exchange This area contains the pages that allow you to manage your electronic business document flow from any place you like at any time you like. With an up-to-the-second overview of all inbound and outbound documents and extensive diagnostics functions Descartes empowers it participants to manage their electronic document flow in real-time.
Hosted Network Applications The Electronic Business Interaction services also contains some hosted network applications, provided by Descartes and their partners.
About myGLN This is only the beginning of an extensive roadmap that Descartes has developed to provide Electronic Business Interaction in the Internet era. Learn about the objectives of the myGLN project, and see how it can provide your organization with a hassle free, dependable fast and yet cost-effective way to communicate with your trading partners.


Please read the myGLN privacy policy as it relates to your use of the myGLN service.

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